Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Explains His Tax Cut Plans To Plumbing Business Owner

McCain thinks that "Joe the plumber" outs Obama's tax plan as hurting middle America. But if you actually watch the video, you see a really important thing that the republicans don't mention:

Obama spent time talking to someone who clearly disagreed with him, explained his plan, and treated the man with respect. Have you ever seen McCain behave respectfully toward someone who disagreed with him? NO - he treats with disdain those who dare to disagree with him.

So forget about the facts concerning Joe the Plumber -
That he was NOT undecided, but is a registered Republican already planning on voting for McCain,
That he is NOT a licensed plumber according to Toledo records,
That he would have to be making a whole hell of a lot more than $250k a year to actually net more that $250k AND
If he actually was a good enough businessman to net more than $250k a year, the tax break would be going to his employees (you know, the ones actually standing in shit all day doing plumbing work.)

But forget all that - the real story is about grace, and respect, and listening to your opponent's man.

That is Barack Obama. America needs this man.

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