Sunday, August 26, 2007

Never Enter a S&G when you're sleepy...

Ever since the demise of Neteller, I've been playing poker at Party for the simple reason that I can deposit directly from my chequing account and not have to deal with another ewallet. I play micro stakes - 5 cent/10 cent NL and $3 S&Gs. I've had some decent luck and slowly built my bankroll up over $100 - less than peanuts for most, but fun for me.
I was playing on and off yesterday, getting some decent cards and placing in a few S&Gs. (I also played the Round 1 Grey Cup Freeroll at Poker Stars - winning $2, but just missing making it into Round 2, finishing 209 from 2855. Only the top 200 move on...)
Anyway, it was midnight and I decided to go back to Party and play one more S&G before bed. I ran my eyes down the list and noticed a table registering. I clicked twice, was the last person to take a seat, and the cards were dealt to determine the button.
That's when I noticed the top of the window - and freaked out. I hadn't entered a $3 S&G. It was a freaking $55 tourney - over 1/2 my bankroll!!! Good grief! I don't play at this level! For one thing - I can't afford it. Amd I know enough to realize that these players are likely much better than I'm used to...
I didn't know what to do! I spent the first few hands just folding, then finally decided that if I didn't start playing I would lose my $55 for sure. So I tried to calm my nerves, and concentrated. Itell you what - I wasn't sleepy anymore...
I came in 4th, which left me with really mixed feelings. Cool that I held my own with some good players. Sick that I went out just out of the money - and lost 1/2 my bankroll... (The top 3 places pay in these single table S&Gs.)
So my advice - when venturing onto the net, whether to play poker or shop - make sure you look at what you are clicking BEFORE you click it.!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Facebook is Cyber Crack

And is therefore evil - join me there! Only on Facebook could I receive a friend request from a man who is a Church of Christ minister in Nashville... Turns out we went to high school together a lifetime ago. Did he read my profile? LOL Oh well - as long as he doesn't start preaching...

Anyway - come check out my Facebook page: just doa search for Kim Sullivan. (I tried to paste the URL but blogger won't let you right click/paste and the url is about 90 characters long!)

All that to say that I'm still here - working hard and being lazy when not at work. We've had a hell of a summer but it's better now. I'll give you all the nasty details in my next post.