Saturday, July 01, 2006

Poker and Me

My relationship with poker is definately love/hate. I suck. Then I suck not so badly. Then I suck again. Then I play great and just know my sucking days are over. Then I suck. Again.

My performance in the Blogger Tourney was a clear example of me sucking. I had high hopes, but was out within the 1st 1/2 hour. After moping about for a couple of days, I went into a round one freeroll over at Full Tilt Poker, where I amazed myself by coming in 6th of 1800 and winning a seat in the 2nd round satellite. The top 9 in this second round would go on to a WSOP Seat tourney, where the top 20 would win free seats to the WSOP Main Event!! That's a $10,000 buy in!

I took my seat, gulped down a Red Bull... And was out in 1/2 an hour. Again. I played too tight at first and missed out on some amazing hands, and then my cards went cold.

Why do I play this game?? The only thing consistant about my game is my inconsistancy. The day is beautiful. I could be walking my dog, or enjoying my yard. So why am I inside staring at the screen?

Because there is a tourney starting in a couple of minutes. Gotta go!