Sunday, April 02, 2006

See what I mean?

A perfect illustration of my post below...

This and that....

Wow. Sorry I've been so negligent. I have all the basic excuses - work in the way, had to travel a bit... But the truth is that the news has finally started getting to me, so I've been avoiding it. And I can't very well comment on something if I'm not paying any attention to it, now can I?

So I looked around to see what the latest is in the land of Harper - didn't find much. I guess that's what happens when the PM essentially muzzles the press .

It's no surprise that Harper is no friend to an open media. He's like his idol, Dubya, in that regard. Especially the damn liberal media - who only want to critize him. One of his henchmen (Colin Mayes, Tory MP from BC) actually advocated jailing reporters who "skew the news." WTF? Yes, he retracted his statement - but what about the message he sent?

Dubya has been leading the states down the path toward "1984" since he stole the 2000 election. So what did we do? Put his number one fan in power. Not one of our smarter moments.

And the result? Harper will continue his Baby Bush imitation, running the country as he sees fit and listening to no one.

No wonder I've been avoiding the news...